[2015] Devlyn Coulter (English8): William Carey

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[2015] Devlyn Coulter (English8): William Carey

William Carey (1761-1834)

Missionary to India

William Carey was the father of modern missions.

William Carey faced many troubles. His his five- year old son died, his wife went insane, and Carey contracted malaria as well. William Carey als had to make a living in addition to his missionary work,and jobs were not easy to find and the pay was little.

William Carey grew up in Catholic England, and was apprenticed to a plodder, or a shoemaker. Carey was eventually converted to a Protestant Baptist, and he taught himaelf New Testament Greek. Carey admired the brave missionaries who spread the Gospel to strange places,and eventually took his family to India, where he worked on translating the New Testament into Bengali, a languageCarey learned early on in his time in India.

William Carey never left India on furlough in the 41 years he worked there until he died.

"Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God!"


Carey was greatly influenced by his realization that many countries in the world had heard little or none of the Gospel, as well as his feeling that God had called him to be a missionary


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