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William Brighter World

2-1It is important for us to know about glabal warming because it is happening on the planet that we live in, and it is going to effect us. the first thing is that the world is heating up, witchis causing numoris other problems. Mealting glashers. Sea leavle rises witch is caused by melting glachers. to much c02 out put witch is for sure caused by humans. a weakend ozone.

2-6Discovery Channel. "Discovery Project Earth :Discovery Channel."Discovery Channel : Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News.2010. Web. 17 Dec. 2010

2-21. A boat.2. Lots of salt flairs.3. Lots of salt flairs on the boat.4. Lots of salt flairs on a boat being lit off.5. Lots of salt flair particles in the air creating a cloud that reflects sun light and cools the world down.

2-4-2-51. If the boat floats it works.2. if the flars spray particals into the air they work.3. If the paricals make a cloud it works.


2-3The world is heating up too fast because there are fewer clouds to reflect the sunlight. Therefore Geo Engineers made a plan and made clouds that reflected the sun so the world won't be so hot. The invention was a simple salt flare that makes little particles goes into the sky that makes a cloud that reflects the sun light. This contraption is on a boat in the ocean, and is called, "a brighter world"



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