William B. Travis

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William B. Travis

He was born August 9,1809, and died at age 26 in 1836.He moved to Sparta,Alabama when he was 9.At age 19 he was a lawyer.He was married on October 26,1828 and he married a girl named Rosanna Cato. He was the oldest of 11 chirdren of Mark and Jemima Travis.They had a son named Charles Edward Travis.


1809-born1828-was lawyer 1828-married1831-came to Texas1836-died during war

He was a military commander for the Texas revolution.He was a Texas commander for the Battle of Alamo.He wrote the famous "Victory or Death" letter while he was protecting the Alamo.He died defending the Alamo on March 6, 1836.

Lasting Impact

He helped Texas gain its independence.


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Battle of Alamo


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