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William A. Hinton

Dr. William A. Hinton was an amazing man who was born in Chicago Illinois on December 15, 1883. He was the student to graduate with the highest GPA in his last high-school year, and went to the University of Arkansas before transferring to Harvard University. From there he earned his B. S. degree in 1905. He later on kept studying physiology and bacteriology in the University of Chicago. He eventually was able to recieve his M. D. degree. He went on to get into Harvard Medical School in 1912. William A. Hinton would later on return to Harvard Medical School in 1918 as a teacher of preventive medicine and hygiene. He began teaching bacteriology in 1912 and immunology. He continued teaching this for 30 years at Harvard Medical School. He unfortunately lost his leg in a car crash in 1940. He wrote and published the book Syphilis and Its Treatment in 1936. He retired from all his work in 1953.


Dr. Hinton unfortunately died at the age of 75 on August 8, 1959, in Canton, Massachusetts. He died of old age and diabetes.

William A. Hinton was best know for his contribution to medicine by making the Davies-Hinton test of blood and spinal fliud. This test however is best used for its ability to test syphilis, and he himself knew how to diagnose and treat the disease. This great man was also an excellent educator and professor to many students. He was the first black professor in the history of Harvard University. He became professor in 1949.

Honors Recieved

Although he was awarded the prestigious Spingarn Medal in 1938, he turned it down because he wanted his work to stand on its own merit. He was also elected as a life member of the American Social Science Association.

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William A. Hinton




Race should never get mixed up in the struggle for human welfare-William A. Hinton


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