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Willem Kolff

Who is Willem Kolff? Willem Kolff also known as the " Father of Artificial organs'' had a life rather than science is everything. Willem Kolff was born in the Neverlands, Febuary 14, 1911. After a long life in sucess, Willem Kolff died Febuary 11, 2009 a few days before his birthday.Willem Kolff had five children. When they grew up Kolff then had twelve grandchildren. Then Willem Kolff had six great-grandchildren.

How did Kolff Change the World? Willem Kolff hands down changed the world. Kolff had died a very important man. He saved lives that were thought to soon be over. When Willem Kolff was alive he invented instruments for medical purposes that saved many lives and is still doing so even after he died at age 97. Willem Kolff also helped 800 people in Europe. How? He opened a blood bank there and saved many lives.

" The exciting thing of course, is not so much what people say about it, but to see somebody who is doomed to die, live and be happy."

"When I was very young I didn't want to become a doctor because I didn't want to see people die"

What was Willem Kolff's sucesses?Willem Kolff was a very successful man. He invented many things and earned awards. He did not only invent the artificial heart but many other things. Kolff also invented the artificial kidney, lungs, placentas, and sight. So Willem Kolff's inventions was the creation of different artificial organs.

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fun factWillem Kolff earned Resived Albert Lancaster Award for clinical research.

fun factWillem Kolff had been put into Inventors Hall of Fame in 1985

fun factWillem Kolff died at the age of 97

Born: Febuary, 14 1911 Died: Febuary, 11 2009

Willem Kolff


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