willem de kooning mystery

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willem de kooning mystery

JacksonPollock Mystery

Mysterious Museum of Language and Arts

Monday Dictation

Action Painting is what people call Pollock's work. Can you tell why?

Many similes are used to describe Pollock and his paintings. Can you name a few?

Jackson Pollock had bad habits, but gave us a new kind of art. Mystery: Many believe that they too can easily make a painting like Pollock. Yet there are some features that other artists do not copy well. This week you will learn about some of these features.

Sophia and Bella tell us more about Jackson Pollock. What is the name of Pollock's art movement?

Pollock had a bad habit of smoking, but how did his work change the art world?

Friday Dictation

Check here to see one answer to this week's mystery. Pollock's paintings had features that were hard to copy. Read and find out about them.

Thursday Dictation

Wednesday Dictation

Another clue:

Tuesday Dictation



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