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A Wrinkle in time "It was a dark and stormy night"

FATHER Meg and Charles Wallace father and husband of Mrs. Murry.Got lost when he was fighting the Black Thing. When Meg first found him he was at the CENTRAL central intelligence ceter. He helps the plot by helping Megs character and by making a main problem. His likeability is high to Meg because she trys and trys and trys to save him.

MegMeg is enigmatic. She is smart but she is hard to get becuse she has a weird feeling where she hates her self. She has a real problem with her father. She helps the plot by trying to find her father. When she is traveling in the 5th dimension, she had to fight the Black Thing and the Man with Red Eyes. Her likeability is bad at the first of the book but is REALLY high at the end. Madelenine L'engle did that so that Meg whoud be the main character. A main character is a person in the book who changes though the book.

SETTINGCamazolzis the main planet that meg and friends go to.They find the CENTRAL central intelligence where there dads at. They also meet IT there and IT annoys Meg by saying when 1 is 1, when 2 is 2 and goes on til' ten. IT is a giant evil brain. There is no time becuase they are in space and diffrent time applies.

theme #1love wins over evil.theme #2effort is the key to success

SUMMARYMeg Murry and Charles Walce's dad goes missing on a job for the government and she must get him back. A long the way they find a friend named Calvin,3 witches,an evil shadow called the Black Thing and a giant brain named IT.



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