Wildlife Trading in the Amazon

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Wildlife Trading in the Amazon

Wildlife Trading- when people sell or exchange wild animals or plant resources. Some animals that are hunted include mammals, reptiles, and birds.

Wildlife Trading in the AmazonBy: Anna Cunningham & Savannah Byrd

Problems: The Amazon is being drained of wildlife through wildlife trading. Most wildlife trading is legal, but over trading can lead to extinction of certain species of animals. The trade is global, so it's harder to stop in places with borders that are in remote places, like countries in the Amazon. Wildlife trading is thriving because it's safer than drug trafficking, but still makes high profits, and in most countries its only a minor crime so the crime usually goes unpunished. Some of the natives of the rainforest are encourage by wildlife traders to hunt animals. Then, these traders will buy the animals from them and transport them out of the rainforest, decreasing the population of the species being trapped or hunted.

To whom it may concern: I have thought of some solutions that may help reduce the amount of wildlife trafficking. They are:* Do not buy products made from exotic animals such as fur coats, alligator purses, etc. Also, you can encourage friends and family to do the same.*Email or send a letter to a group that does wildlife trading or a government that allows it and tell them what you think about it . You could tell the government some things that you can do to prevent wildlife trading like: patrolling the borders of countries more heavily or making people caught wildlife trading pay greater consequences. If the government payed more attention to this problem, it would be solved much faster. Part of the reason that this trade is doing well is that the government isn't trying hard enough to stop it. Note- Remember wildlife trading is done mainly for money. If we raise awarness we could have governments and individual people realize what it is and why it is wrong.

When wildlife trade occurs in the Amazon, animals aren't the only things being moved. Some animals are stuffed with drugs and transported out of the country. This can cause problems that don't only impact the Earth, but it can also harm others if wildlife trafficking continues.

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Who Wildlife Trading Affects:People- if the population of some animals goes down because of trading, then it will be harder for the locals to eat.Untargeted Animals- some animals get caught in traps not intended for them, but they still are harmed or die in the traps.Balance of the Rainforest- the balance gets thrown off because some prey or predators aren't there anymore.



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