Wildlife of New England Forests

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Wildlife of New England Forests

Ecosystem Project

A wide variety of life exists in the forests of New England, from the towering trees to the tiny protists that make up the algae mats in ponds and lakes. Many broad-leaf trees create a canopy that all the other organisms live under. Under that is a layer of bushes and other low plants, where most animals live. In all layers of the forest, fungi are breaking down dead matter from plants and animals. These animals range from amphibians to rodents to large mammals like deer and bobcats.

Wildlife of New England Forests

Forest organisms


The most recognisable of adaptations in new england forests is the changing of colors and the loss of leaves on the trees. They do this because they will not be getting enough sunlight to survive in the cold, and also to keep branches from breaking under the weight of the snow. Another adaptation is the action of Hybernation during the winter and the fact that mammals grow thicker coats during the fall and shed in the spring.

Not all organisms are out in the open and visible to the naked eye. Some are microscopic and can only be seen in large groups, like spyrogyra, and others can't be seen without the help of a microscope like

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Specific organisms from kingdomsAnimal- White tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)Plants- white birch (Betula papyrifera)protozoa- Spirogyrabactiria-(Rhizobium) a nitrogen fixing bacteriaFungi-(Armillaria mellea) a paracitic mushroom that feeds on the roots of trees, killing it and feeding on the rest of the tree. (on a side note it's actually edible)


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