Wildlife of El Dorado County

by CRtek
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Wildlife of El Dorado County

Shown above: California Striped Racer.I've found many different types of snakes on my property. The Striped Racer is a very elegant looking snake because he's very thin and long. He's also very fast and if found while resting in the sunshine will disappear quickly.  Click here to view another picture.

Above: Deer MouseThis mouse was found with its mother and siblings. Their mother had made a nest for them in an unused fuse box.Above left: Pacific Chorus FrogThis little frog found the perfect swimming hole: inside a piece of plastic conduit. Click here to view and listen.Bottom left: Katydid  This insect appeared late at night and was drawn to artificial lighting outdoors.

Many beautiful butterflies and moths begin showing up as early as April, depending on the weather.Top right:  Pale Swallowtail butterfly. Middle right: Polyphemus Moth. Below right:  California Sister butterfly.


of El Dorado County

Video of the California Sister. You'll notice the butterfly using its proboscis to lick the table top.


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