[2015] Ruby Simms (Science A McGrew): Wildfires

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[2015] Ruby Simms (Science A McGrew): Wildfires

WildfiresBy: Ruby Simms

-Scientists now have a new way of predicting wildfires. -They use a high-resolution satellite imaging to constantly check and look at computer simulations. -This job is carried out by scientists from the NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) -Fires all together are unpredictable.

-When a fire starts, watching it and containing it is first priority. -They bring in fire trucks, bulldozers, firemen, and helicopters or planes. -90% of wildfires in the United States are caused by human carelessness.-The magnitude of a fire is how big or small it was. How many acres or how many houses burned. -9,907 is the number of fires in California this year. -All together in the United States, there have been 47,579 fires this year. -We have burned 555,044 acres this year. -California is ranked number 2 on a board of number of fires this year.

-Wildfires are also known as wildland fires, forest fires, vegetation fire, grass fire, peat fire, or hill fire. -Lightning, human carelessness, arson, volcano eruption, heat waves, droughts, even climate changes like El Nino can start or have very dramatics on wildfires. -Wildfires happen in forested areas in the United States, but honestly can happen anywhere. -Wildfires normally happen in the summer or fall time.

Crown Fires

Surface Fires

Ground Fires


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