Wild Tiger

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Wild Tiger

Wild Tiger PopulationsBy:Aubree Hanks

Websites*Google Images*WWF.com*SaveBigCats.com

It happens to cubs too.

Poachers do this daily and kill tigers for there skins,luckily this tiger was found befor death by the WWF.

Wild Tiger ThreatsEvery part of the tiger -from whisker to tail- is traded in wildlife markets arond the world.Poaching is the most immediate threat to wild tigers.In relentless demand, tigers are used for traditional medicine,folk remidies,and increasingly as a status symbol among some asian cultrues.

Important Events*Wild tigers are poached and hunted for there skins and medicine ingredeints.*Only 3,000 wild tigers remaim today because of poaching.*WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)is helping the wild tiger populations rise.

InterestingsFacts*20% of tigers are white.*White tigers can get up to 500 pounds and over 3 meters long.*Insted of green or yellow eyes like regular tigers white tigers are most likly to have blue eyes.

This adult bengal tiger is lucky to have lived a full life, most tigers get killed by poachers before their 2 birthday.

Some tigers arent as lucky.

Arent they better on the tiger..

This is a 4 year old white tiger.


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