Wild Pig

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Wild Pig

Distribution in Australia

Growth (tusk and size)

- Origionally from Europe and Asia - May 1788, introduced by the first fleet into Sydney, NSW. - The First fleet introduced the pig as a source of food, although the pigs started escaping and running wild and eventually there were too many to catch.

- People did eat this pig back when the first fleet arrived because they introduced it as a food source - The Cassowary is an endangered species and with the Feral pigs eating their eggs it won’t be long until they become extinct. The only way to stop that happening would be to expose of all feral pigs in Australia. - The piglets of Feral pigs occasionally are eaten by dingos, dogs and large birds of prey

- Over 23.5 million spread across half the continent - From Western Victoria, through NSW into QLD and across northern Australia

Sus Scrofa

Feral Pig

Feral Pig Rooting

- Rooting and digging behaviour of feral pigs effectively ploughs up vegetation and destroys native ecosystems.- Succulent green vegetation is their choice although their food varies. They will also eat lambs, new born calves and cassowary eggs


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