[2015] Sofia Cornacchia: Wild Orchid

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[2015] Sofia Cornacchia: Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid

Making Connections The stratgey I found most helpful before, during and after reading is making connections. This is becasue before reading, I made a connection based on the sypnosis. I made numerous connections during and after reading about events, conflicts or characters, and related it to the world or my own experiences. This reading stategy has helped me improve as a reader because it allowed me to connect to events that occured in the novel. Making connections has helped me understand the characters' emotions and opinions. When connecting something to the world, or my own experiences, I use my own knowledge from what I know and apply it to the character, event or conflict. This stategy has helped me be more sucsessful in receiving/organizing information because I connecetd it to the big picture of the theme and life lessons. For example, when Taylor ran away, it reminded me of news stories on people who left home or were pronounced missing, which made me understand Taylor's reasons for venturing off on her own. In the novel, Taylor complained to her mother that she did not want to move because she made new friends and got a job that she deeply enjoyed. However, her mother ignored her and only considered her own point of view. The life lessos we learn is that people often are not aware of others' persepctives, only their own.

Taylor Jane Simon is a lonely 18-year old who is autistic and moves to Waskesiu for the summer, looking for love. Will she find the one or spend the summer alone, trying to find herself?

"Asperger's Syndrome, it's a kind of autism that people get if parts of their brains are too small and other parts are extra large. The amygdala, which is part of the brain, is smaller than in most people's brains. You get born with Asperger's Syndrome if there's the right balance of heredity and environment, [just] like orchids" Brenna 90).


"I thought about how hard it had been for me to move to Wakesiu and how I'd been brave and how I'd conquered The Future, for now, anyway" (Brenna 156).

Nature Centre



The strategy I found helpful before and during reading is researching, Taylor mentioned she had Asperger's Syndrome, which allowed me to research the term to fully understand it. Asperger's Syndrome is a development disorder related to autism which impairs social interaction and communication skills. People with Asperger's Syndrome have well-developed language skills and repetitive patterns of interest and activities. After reading the novel, I took my research and reflected upon how it shaped Taylor's identity and made her a stronger person. This strategy has helped me improve as a reader because I took one character's weakness and made it come to life. It has also helped me improve as a reader because I learned life lessons that people function differently. Researching has helped me to be more successful in receiving/organizing information because it allowed me to empathize with Taylor's character as I recongnize that her behaviour was caused by her disability, not by her personality. In addition, researching has helped me to understand the conflicts in the novel that this syndrome causes. Taylor lacked communication skills, and found it challenging to talk to boys, as she was unable to expand on her words. Also, another conflict that Taylor had to deal with was with her mother. Her mother Penny, didnt't understand the struggles that Taylor faced every day, and how challengjng it was to find her path in life. This novel reminds me of my former classmate in elementary school, She too had Asperger's Syndrome and, like Taylor, she spoke with no filter and said whatever was on her mind.



"I feel that the English I speak is a different language from everyone else's English" (Brenna 42).


"I have long, black hair and rosy cheeks. I also have long, dark eyelashes and blue eyes." (Brenna 26).

By: Beverley Brenna


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