Wild Fires

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Wild Fires

Wild Fires

The definition-a lage destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush

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It impacts the soil and water because the heat rushes into the ground.The record breaking wild fire was in Northern Cailfornia.A wild fire can kill the plants and trees. Some trees can live unless the fire goes to the canopy.

The animls can adapt to the fire they are always ready for a fire. Animals leave a forest usually before it hits. Most animals move on to new habitats.

A wild fire is a rapid cause. To recover from a wild fire you can replant flowers, trees and rebuild houses.

The most recorded wild fires in the world are in Southern Europe and Northern California.

90% of the fires are caused by people. 10% are caused naturally like lightning or lava. The 90% caused by humans are either because of camp fires, cigarettes or people do it by themselves.

By Devin, Kyle and Houston


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