Wild Children

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Wild Children

A BRIEF SUMMARY In chapter one, Alex wakes up to find his family gone. He goes to school and tells his teacher, Katriana Sergyeva, about his predicament. She lets him stay at her house overnight, and decides Alex should visit his uncle in Moscow. When Alex finds his family gone, he is distraught and goes to a trusted adult, Katriana, for help. Alex is nervous of telling others about what happened. The disappearance of his family is the initial incident. It sets the scene for the rest of the story as he leaves and travels to Moscow.

The Wild Children : Ch.1

Main Events of this Chapter


What happens

Alex goes downstairs to discover his family is gone.

Fearful Alex went to room to gather his things for his trip.(kopeks, boots, coat etc..)

After School, He goes to see Katriana, and tells her about his family being taken by GPU

Alex Goes to Katrianas house and stays the night.

Alex goes to school for the last time to talk to Katriana

The Start Of A New Beginning

Figurative Language used in Chapter

Katriana says how she wants to leave Russia. (foreshadowing) pg. 13

"Just as beautiful as the idol of gilded plaster he had thought of her" (simile) pg. 15

HIs Working and his sleeping mind fled from truth and false peace (personification) pg.15

His voice sounder far off and muffled in his ears.

Then there came a steady drumming of boots on stone (personification) pg.11-12


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