Wild Bears In Alaska

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Wild Bears In Alaska

Black Bears-Color Varies from blond to black-No distinctive shoulder hump-Rump sits higher than shoulders-Face profile is straight-Ears are taller and less round-Front claws are 1-2 in. long and curved for climbing trees

Wild Bears in AlaskaThe Brown Bear & The Black Bear

There are three types of bears that live in the Alaskan Wild: the Polar Bear, the Brown Bear, and the Black Bear. This lesson is designed around similarities and differences between Black Bear and Brown Bear physical characteristics. Instead of relying on fur color alone, this lesson will help students identify what bear they are encountering by looking beyond the color of their fur.

Grade Level: 1st/2nd GradeObjective: The learner will be able to identify the major characteristics (traits such as claws, ears, teeth, fur) of the Brown Bear and Black Bear, which has allowed them to survive in Alaska's habitat. The students will be able to compare and contrast the physical characteristics between each bear and will demonstrate that they have learned 80%, or more, of the individual characteristics.

Brown Bears (Grizzly Bears)-Color Varies from blond to black-Distinctive shoulder hump-Rump sits lower than shoulder hump-Face profile is dished-Ears are short and round-Front claws are 2-4 in. long and slightly curved

Life Science: Animal CharacteristicsBy Megan Taylor

Connecting to Science D2 standard: The student will develop an understanding of... diversity of living organisms.

Check out a YouTube reading of: Alaska's Three Bears by Shelly Gil

Check out this video to help understand the differences between Black bears and Brown bears.

Assessment:Through classroom discussion and group work, the students will demonstrate knowledge of physical chacteristics of Black Bears and Brown Bears, local to Alaska. The students, while looking at an unmarked visual aid, should be able to individually identify the similarities and differences between the bears.

View a Cameraman's Wild Encounter with Bears in Alaska and the importance of the wild, as an engaging opening to the lesson.

Black bears are usually found in wooded areas and Brown bears are often found by rivers (which hold a favorite food, salmon), however, bears can be found in both urban and rural areas in Alaska. These characteristics can help you identify what kind of bear you might encounter.


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