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How to embed Glogs on Wikispaces?

Glogster is Yours!

SPICE UP your Wikispaces with Glogs with a SINGLE CLICK ONLY!

Students adding Glogs to Wikispaces!

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  • santyteacher 11 years ago

    santyteacher's avatar

    Great features Wikispaces with Glogs a SINGLE CLICK ONLY! Now is so much easy to add Glogs to Wiki :)

  • ssims2 11 years ago

    ssims2's avatar

    Can you still edit your glog after it is in the wiki. If you edit your glog will you be able to update it on your wiki? thank you so much!

  • joycevalenza1 11 years ago

    joycevalenza1's avatar

    This doesn't seem to work for Glogs past the first page of your dashboard list. Later glogs do not display as choices. I am using Firefox on a MacBook Pro. Please help. Joyce Valenza

  • technoman24 11 years ago

    technoman24's avatar

    Can you add your glog to pbworks too? Thanks

  • jobdoer 11 years ago

    jobdoer's avatar

    Love this feature. How do you get to glogs beyond the latest 4 on my dashboard? I find I'm having to embed the code like I had to before:(

  • bekaboo10 11 years ago

    bekaboo10's avatar

    its kk

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