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wider reading

An overview of the Presentation Day at MGC

1.00pm Meet in MGC School Library1.05pm Ice-breaker activityGROUPING UP Stickers will be distributed on which students must place the name of a character from their novel. Once all members of the reading groups have been located they should introduce each other (real names!) NOVEL GROUP SET-UPNovel groups move to a computer station per group. At each computer station is a piece of paper. The novel group has to give their novel a tagline in the same way a new-release film would be promoted. They then need to create a sign for their computer station: title and a tagline.(Twilight: “When you can live forever, what do you live for?”; Angels and Demons: “The holiest event of our time. Perfect for their return.”)1.20pm Multimedia Presentations in Reading GroupsNovel groups present their multimedia projects to one another. Feedback is encouraged. Each novel group chooses one of the two presentations to loop at each computer station and students can be free to move around the room and watch these while having afternoon tea.1.50pm Afternoon Tea2.05pm Novel Rotation Recommendation cards are provided for students to record their responses to the texts they hear about. MHS set up their presentations on their computer stations. MGC rotate to other stations and interview boys about the book they read, rating the novels as they go. They should complete the recommendation cards provided. After twenty minutes (visiting at least three stations) they swap and MGC set up their presentations on the computer stations.3.00pmFeedbackTwo book groups per table. Discuss the questions and write feedback onto sticky notes. These are placed on the whiteboard. 3.15Dismissal

Presentation Day: 12th October


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