wider-reading process

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wider-reading process

STEP ONE: READ: NOVELChoose a novel from the list to read. While reading, identify the theme/s which the novel addresses.What themes or issues are explored in this text?Record these themes in your book.


STEP FOUR: CHOOSEChoose at least two multimodal texts to explore alongside your novel in your final presentation - a total of three texts will be analysed for this task.Examine:•What is said about the theme/issue in each text? •How does the text type or mode (podcast, TV show, website etc) influence what is said about the theme or issue? (For example, a film will give an emotional viewpoint, whereas a news broadcast may be more impartial).•How does the text's producer appear to feel about the theme or issue?•How does the intended audience of the text influence what is said about the theme or issue or how it is said? (For example, a song for teenagers may use more colloquial language and include less detail about the information presented.)What devices do these texts use to encourage us to engage with the theme?What written and visual language choices have been made to communicate these ideas?Do these texts contrast or are they similar? Explain how and why.In answering the above questions, provide evidence from the text for your ideas.

STEP FIVE: CREATE & PRESENTCreate an entertaining, engaging presentation on your theme using ICT. You might use powerpoint, Flash, Dreamweaver, MovieMaker, or another application to do this. Try to make your presentation both as thorough and as interactive as you can by including your evidence from the texts.You will present this document to the class in the form of an Oral Presentation, guiding them through the theme and your ideas about it.

STEP TWO: THINK & ANALYSE:Choose a theme for exploration and consider the ways in which it is addressed in your novel.What actions and reactions of characters contribute to this theme?What does the author of the text suggest about the theme? To what extent do you agree with the ideas presented?Record these thoughts in at least four wiki blog contributions.

STEP THREE: EXPLORE A RANGE OF TEXTSInvestigate a range of different texts which also explore the theme you have chosen. Consider texts such as radio, newspaper opinion articles, podcasts, vodcasts, film, music and poetry. What do these texts suggest about the theme?How do these texts position the reader to think about a theme?Gather and record, on the investigation grid, a range of six different text types which explore your theme.

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