Why You Should Vote

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Why You Should Vote

Ensure that you are registered tovote, print an Absentee Ballot Application and send it to your County Election Office in 6 days after Election Day

Why You Should Vote


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The 15th amedndment guarentees the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any other state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. This means that people can vote no matter the sex, race, or other problem they might have.

15th Amendment

Steps To Voting

Register by mail or on election day.Get informed.Know your rights.Find out how, when, and where.VOTE!

They are lazy and say it takes too long. They won't wait 10 minutes to exercise their right to choose their government leaders. It is important to vote because it is their right as a citizen and every vote counts



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Federalism is at riskHigh tax issueMiddle class is strugglingLoss of jobs, homes, hopesGovernment is too big with too much power

Creating an economy built to lastReclaiming the economic security of the middle classRestoring the basic valuesRetire with dignity and respect

What should voters do when they are not at home to vote?

Why youth fail to vote and why it is important to vote


Rockthevote.com is a website that is geared towards increasing voter turnout among young adults. Their mission is to engage and build political power for young people in the U.S. It is the largest nonprofit and nonpartisan organization in the U.S driving the youth to the polls.

Ways rockthevote.com has helped young adults to vote

They helped the push for passage of the National Voter Registration Act to enhance voting opportunities for every American. They have also educated thousands of young people through it's "Democratic Class" initiative and conducting groundbreaking research.

It is you right as an American citizen.Voter participation is a learned activity.Voting has benefits to those who participate in it.EVERY VOTE MATTERS!

Why I am going to vote

I am going to vote because it is my duty as an American citizen and also because it helps me decide what I want in a government. Voting can also be a great lesson on what you might be doing for the rest of your life. It's always important to choose your side so you can see not only the sides view, but you own view as well. This also not only helps you, but also makes the U.S. a much better place.

Reasons to Vote


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