Why we Blink

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Human Anatomy

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Why we Blink

Definition: Blinking is something your body does automatically to clear out dust, dirt etc... Blinking also cleans your eyeball from dry moist.

Components: Your eyelid closes over your eyeball and the salty, light liquid under your eyelid washes away any moist, germs, dirt, etc… You’ll eventually lose eyesight until you do blink because liquid will overlap your eyeball.

Application: People blink because you need to remove any harmful material that can make your eyesight blurrier than usual. Its important to blink because your eyesight is something people want, you use you eyesight for many different activities.

Cool facts: -People who are very focused blink more because they’re stressed and/or frustrated. -Some people blink longer or harder than others.

Operation: Blinking occurs when you have a tired feeling or when your eyes feel heavy. Blinking is something you can’t stop unless you plan to and/or your “staring in space” but for both situations, you cant do it for very long because your eyes would feel very heavy and your forced to blink. When you blink, you remove harmful materials, the dust, dirt, germs etc... Factor you to blink frequently until the harmful material is removed.

Why we blink!


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