Why use Glogster in the Classroom

by PMESFiona
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Why use Glogster in the Classroom

Learn to use Glogster EDU to integrate technology into your classroom in an easy manner.

Instead of spending money on posterboard and trying to find room to store work in progress --- have your students create interactive posters on-line in a safe and secure environment.

History Portal

Make a page just for hotlinks.

Use the presentation mode to allow parents and guardians to view student work on-line. This increases communication and allows parents to see what their child has been learning.

This little paperclip at the bottom allows you to attach files that can then be accessed.I created a Hot Potatoes quiz for TIE 2011 and added the htm file here.Give it a try.

MangahighMath games for Middle and High School

Which country is this image from?


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