Why use Glogster EDU?

by mizewilsonjs
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Why use Glogster EDU?

With Glogster Premium I can set up individual student accounts, assign class projects, grade and send feedback all on Glogster!

I can have a Flipped Classroom! Students can learn information at home and apply it in class the next day.

Rubrics can independently guide upper grades students in creating Glogs.

Glogster tutorials

highlight student work for parents demonstrate students understanding in a creative way promote 21st Century skills of collaboartion, problem solving skills, communication and independent learning. foster teamwork improve student/teacher communicationinspire other ideas

First Graders and Glogs!

6 Things You Should Know About Glogster EDU

Build Background Knowledge

Letters and Sounds for primary grades

4th Grade Project

Why use Glogster EDU in the classroom? by Jessica Mize-Wilson

Glogster EDU can...

provide a safe, secure, and private virtual classroom monitored by the classroom teacher engage and motivate students to learn concepts they never thought about inside the classroom provide a platform for parent newslettersintroduce a genre, assignment, or concept outline an integrated unit of study provide a multisensory learning enviornment

Showcase Student Work

Earth Sun Moon


More Glogster Examples

The Flipped Classroom

Research using the Big6 Model

What are you Glogging about?

creativity + convenience = Glogster

Glogster Training Tools

Glogster Inspiration

CMS Glogster Training Tools



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