Why not to use Spice?

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Why not to use Spice?

This video explains what happened to someone after he used spice. His name was Connor Eckhardt. He was rushed to hospital after only one hit of spice, slipped into a coma later passed away.

Why not to use Spice (synthetic Marijuana)

Spice is a type of synthetic marijuana and is also known as "K2." It is made by spraying natural herbs with synthetic chemicals. It is often sold and packaged as "herbal incense" or "herbal smoking blends." There are 200 different chemicals in spice!

Spice not only affects your personal health, it affects everyone around you. In the picture it shows you that using spice will cause you to slip into a coma, seizures and heart attacks. Spice is a serious issue that is often fatal. However, spice is not illegal. Someone can walk into a store and buy it.

What spice does to your body health.

The use of spice affects everyone around you. Most people slip into comas which causes your family and friends to suffer. After taking it, you will experience anger issues which could make you hurt your loved ones. You could experience suicidal thoughts and addiction to the drug. Your family and friends will try to get you help but you will block them out and continue to use the drug.

How it affects your friends and family.

What spice did to Connor Eckhardt and his family.

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