Why is the Sky Blue

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Why is the Sky Blue

Why is the sky blue?

Components/ PartsThe sky consists of the atmosphere. The atmosphere consists of 78% nitrogen, 0.9% argon and 0.03% carbon dioxide. The rest is green house gases. The atmosphere is where the light particles collide with the air molecules . Another part is the sun. The sun is the object that emits all the light. The sunlight is actually all the colours of the rainbow.

Definition The region of the atmosphere and the expanse of that is above the earth.

OperationThe light from the sun looks like its white, but it’s actually lots colours blended into one. Light travels in waves. For example red light travels in long, lazy waves whereas blue light travels in short, choppy waves. When this sunlight enters the atmosphere the light particles collide with the air molecules. The reason the sky is blue is because blue light travels at the second shortest distance. This means that blue light scatters the most and it’s colliding with the other air molecules which is why the sky is blue. Blue light has the most energy and it travels faster than all the other colours of the sunlight spectrum, except for violet. So why isn’t the sky violet? It’s not violet because our eyes are sensitive to violet. They respond better to the colours blue, red and green. Also blue makes up more than any other colour in the sunlight spectrum.

ApplicationYou see the sky everyday and you should know the reason it is blue. Also lots of jobs do research about the sky and space. An organization like NASA does tons of research about the sky and space. If you are looking to get into that field of jobs this would be some basic, important information to know. Also the sun carry all the heat and energy to power all life on earth. Our climate is affected by how sunlight is scattered.

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Interesting Comments-When the sun is setting the sky appears red or orange because the light has to travel a further distance and because red light travels in the longest waves-Sunsets near the ocean are more orange because of the salt particles of the ait-More than 40 km above the earth the sky is black- Light travels in straight lines unless it hits something. This causes the light particles to bounce off in different directions and scattering-Eventually particles become large enough to reflect all wave lights and the light appears white.


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