Why is Internet Safety and Privacy Important?

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Why is Internet Safety and Privacy Important?

Learn about the legal issues of our digital age, Internet safety and privacy, and Acceptable Use Policy!


Why is Internet Safety and Privacyimportant?

Internet usage has an great influence in the real world and innocent mistakes could have terrible consequences.

Copyright and Fair UseThe exclusive rights of original work, and fair use allows for these works to be used for some purposes, such as teaching.

What are some legalities you should be aware while using the Internet ?


What do they mean ?

PiracyThe use of works under copyright without permission.

Plagiarism Using another author's work and representating it as one's own original work.

- Remember to always use Privacy Settings.- Always use websites that you know are safe.- Read and follow the Acceptable Use Policy (Terms and Conditions) on each website you use.- Inform your parent or teacher of any email or message that makes you feel uncomfortable.- Always remember that people online may not be who they seem.

- Never list Your Personal Information.- Don’t chat with strangers.- Never meet in person with someone you met on the Internet.- Never open an email from a stranger, because it contains viruses will you’re your computer.- Don’t send pictures to strangers.- Always keep in mind that listing personal information about your friends could put them at risk.

Acceptable Use Policya written agreement all parties on a community computer network promise to adhere. It defines the intended uses of the network.




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