Why Is Coal Mining So important?

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Why Is Coal Mining So important?

Why Is Coal Mining So Important?

So Why?- Coal was once used for energy.-The towns that had coal mines in them gets most of their money from selling coal. It controlled towns.-If a mine is shut down then it would hurt the towns economy and people. It would probably become deserted.

How is Coalwood similar to Lowell, Massachusetts?

How? -Coalwood was similar to Lowell Massachusetts because they both had a rough time with the economy. The citiy fell into deep hard times over a third of the country was on relief.

Coal mining towns

Reasons!-Both of the towns that have been stated above are important. Coalwood gets the coal from their mines and sell it. Coal creats energy for electricity. When Lowell was having bad buisness they created parachutes and other military necessities for the war effort.

Hows Life?-Life was tough. People did not get much money from working at the coal mines. Though it made people strong. People needed coal mines and miners back then and we still do!

DangersIn the mines the workers are most at risck of the mine colapsing on them or getting blown up. But there is also darkness with little light so you could accidentally hurt yourself or a partner. A miner is at risk of getting stuck in the mine at any time. Miners have a lot of bravery to go down into a mine.



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