Why I chose to become a science teacher

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Why I chose to become a science teacher

I never dreamed of being a teacher as a kid, in fact I wanted to be a doctor or an engineer. But I did love my teachers as a kid and wondered how they put so much love and energy into their work. As I was close to finishing my undergraduate studies I realized I wanted to be a part of that special bond a child has with his or her mentor. I want to be on the giving end when bestowing the gift of knowledge to the blossoming minds of our future generations. My teachers growing up helped me realize this dream.

The light that sparked a desire to spread knowledge

I was studying to work in industry or for some big company and make big money possibly but I thought to myself, do I really want to do this? I want to do something with my life that feels rewarding and is a service to my community and to our youth. I loved talking to kids and connecting with them at their level. I loved teaching on the side and helping out at my local sunda school and at summer camps. So a thought came to me that, "Hey, maybe I can do this for a living and dedicate my future to this." I wanted to do something I love so why not put my heart and soul into something that will make me feel accomplished and alive inside and outside. Not only do I want to give back to our young minds but I want to grow with them by enlightening them with gift of knowledge.

So getting an undergraduate degree in science and having the opportunity to teach in the classroom setting made me realize I want to pursue higher education and learn the tools for being an effective and successful classroom manager, in other words an awesome teacher. I want to be a source of inspiration and light in the lives of our precious children who may be struggling to excel and succeed in learning. I want to be there for them to tell them to never give up and to always be positive. Teachers help their students get up when they fall and show them how to get up and climb towards their next goal. I want to be a guide for them.

How do I utilize the knowledge I Iearned? I still liked math and I really loved physics, learning about the processes of the earth and the living world. So how can I make the most of my mind's worth and still work in an educational environment? I realized I want to become a science teacher. I even tried it for a few years in a private school setting and I did love it. Lesson planning science labs and performing hands on experiments with my students in the great outdoors made me realize I can and I will do this. Teaching children to love mother nature and value the depth of possibilities in a mere heap of soil opens their minds. This is something I want to give back to children, I want them to understand the deeper meaning behind their surroundings and life as we know it. Planets, living things, earth's processes, the weather systems, chemical and physical changes are just an ounce of what science has to offer our children in terms of a wealth of ideas.


Why I chose to become a science teacher

by Sabah Chaudhry




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