Why I Chose Teaching As My Minor

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Why I Chose Teaching As My Minor

Why I Chose Education as My Minor

That was an understatement though. The books that they were reading in this class, such as The Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass or Their Eyes Were Watching God, were at a higher level than what I was previously used to. The class was also different from any other English class I had taken before because of the teacher. Mr. Fatheree was a man that led the class in a way that was unique to him in every way imaginable. He led us in fun projects, such as one where we would make pieces of art that presented prose as well as alliteration. We would sometimes sneak out of the building as a class just to go have a group discussion in the grass and enjoy nature. He would let everyone’s opinions be heard, and would not shut us down even if others tried to. The most important aspect of being in his class though was that he made it known that if I was feeling like I was struggling with the material I could come talk to him about it, and he would help me. He was genuine in the fact that he wanted to help his students and that was something that really stuck with me.

When I was a 16 year old student I had ended up in a classroom situation that I never thought I would be in. For the most part of my schooling career I was an average student with not much going on for me. I had a 2.6 average, and was not interested in trying in my classes. But my junior year I was put in an English class with a teacher who was known for not only being strict and unpleasant, but also talking down to students. This was something that I knew I couldn’t deal with as I have never been one to not lash out with being talked down to. So I saw an escape in the opportunity of taking A.P. English to get out of this class, as well as enter a learning environment that I would actually be challenged in.

This experience was important to me because I would slowly begin to notice the change in myself academically and personality wise due to his influence. I went from being an apathetic average student, to actually working in my classes, and trying my hardest. Not only in his English class, but my other one’s such as geometry and physics as well. I also began to question anything and everything as Mr. Fatheree had taught us to do, telling us to never trust “the man” and to. always ask questions even if it bothers someone. These attributes, along with many others he taught me, are traits that I still carry with me to this day. This man had such a large impact on my life, and had helped me decide that if my goal of being a counselor wasn’t something attainable for me, then teaching might be an option as well.

He helped show me how much of a great impact that being a teacher can have on someone’s life and how the long term benefits will be apparent with them, though you may not know about it at all. He also showed me that just because an English class is filled with reading literature some students may struggle with, that it does have the opportunity to be entertaining. I think that this can be translated over all barriers to teaching in other fields as well that students may struggle in, such as math or sciences. If you are a teacher and want to be effective and helpful to students it is necessary to make the material fun for the students in some way, as well as make sure you are teaching it to them at the same time. You must do all this while making it known that you will always be there to help them along the way, such as Mr. Fatheree did with me in his classroom.

This picture is of Mr. Fathereeand myself.





Their Eyes Were Watching God would become my favorite piece of literature throughout highschool thanks to Mr. Fatheree

This is the piece of art that I made for the alliteration project. I was the only one who chose to present in the form of a shirt.

This video, though about teaching science classes and making them fun, is still useful for teaching other classes and making them fun.


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