[2016] Aurelia G (PYP5C): Why Gold is Bad for the Environment?

by Strothoff16
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[2016] Aurelia G (PYP5C): Why Gold is Bad for the Environment?

Gold is bad for the Enviorment because most of the gold is in the River and it is not good to search for it with big machiens because the Water will get dirty and get Pollutet plus all the fishes die and that is not good for us because we like fishes. It is also so bad to do it with your hands becuase all the dirt of the water will get to your body and if it goes in your body you can get sick and if it is really bad you can Die. Also because many Landscapes are destroed when people search for gold.Gold is also bad for the Enviroment because it is firstly Minning when you do that and a lot of Toxic waste is Produced while they are searching for gold.

Why gold is Bad for the Enviorment

Many people like jewlery and jewlery is mostly made of gold. Many people also like gold because it is very shiny(when you buy it at the jewler´s shop) they also like it because gold is always in a different shape wich some people like or not but it also depends on what you want out of gold like if you want a Ring .

Many people like gold for jewlery or other things but it can also be good for the enviorment because it can conduct to electricity and that makes it very useful for the Enviroment. It can also be bended into different shapes. It is not only jewlery that is made out of gold also some lands they make coins out of gold and metals for winners (at the Olympia.)

Gold is Natural it comes from Meteories that have fallen from out of Space about 200 to 300 billion years ago.To find Gold you have to search very deep in the ground because over all the years many layers of the Earth came on top of the Gold.

Why people like Gold

Why Gold is good for the Enviorment

Where Gold comes from?


Facts 1. Gold is th only metal that has a yellow (goldish)colour.2. Almost all the Gold on Earth came from Comets over 200 to 300 billion years ago.3.Gold is extremely ductile. A single piece of gold can be stretched into a gold thread 8 kilometers long.

Symbol: AuNumber on Periodic table:79


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