[2014] abbey tienter (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Why does Weather Change?

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Weather and Climate

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[2014] abbey tienter (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Why does Weather Change?

Author: Abbey Tienter

Title: Chapter 8 Review

Why Does Weather Change?

How does air move?

What are air masses?

What causes severe weather?

Air moves because of... Jet streams affect the weather by moving the air, this causes changes in temperature, winds,and precipitation results.Important Vocabulary: sleet

Air Masses are......... An air mass is a large body of air with the same temperature and amount of water vepor.Important Vocabulary: Convection currents and jet streams.

Severe weather forms when: When a cold front and a warm front meet.Examples of severe weather:Thunderstorms,tornados,hurricanes,and blizzards.Important vocabulary: Air mass and Front

Lesson #1Fact:1.About 8 tenths of the air is nitgrogen.2. 2 tenths of the air is oxygen.3.a very small part of the air is carbon dioxide,water vapor, and other gasses.4.there are five layers in earths atmosphere.5. as you go up threw the five layers temperatures and air pressures change.

Lesson #2Fact:1.Contenital polar air is cold a fairly dry.2.Maritim tropical air is warm and very humid.3.Maritime polar air is cold and moist.4. Continental tropical air is warm and fairly dry.

Lesson #3Fact:1.All kind of severe weather is dangerous.2. Weather can change very fast.3. Tornados come in and destroy everything in its path then they go away. They cause lots of damage.4.Thunderstorms can cause damage by wind and there lightning strike.5. Hurricanes are more destrucktive than Tornados because they cause a flood to happen. They are formed when there is strong wind over warm water.6.Blizzards are snow storms that can last alon time the snow is heavy and could trap people in there houses.


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