Why does earth have seasons?

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Earth Sciences

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Why does earth have seasons?

Reflection: During class we were shown multiple ways to understand why we have seasons, what they are, when they come and how long they last. We were given worksheets and had drawings on the board the went over the four seasons. With the summer and the winter they are soltice. Summer for Michigan starts on June 21. It is when the northern hemisphere is facing closest to the sun. Winter stats December 21 and the the southern hemisphere is facing the sun. Spring and Autumn are our equinvox. Spring starts March 21 and the incoming energy is equal in both hemisphere. Autumn starts September 22 and the incoming energy is equal in both hemisphere. We used computers to help us answer questions. We were able to watch the sun as it rotated. We were shown a globe and a student was the sun. The globe was turned (rotated as it was tilted) to show us where the northern and southern hemisphere would be facing as it rotated. There was an experiment with a flash light that had foil wrapped around it with a small square cut into it. The flash light was on a stand and we were given a protractor to help us with the angles. We learned that as the flash light turned the light was less intense. This really helped to understand that the more the earth turns away from the sun the less intense the heat we get causing us to have different temperature which gives us our seasons. We also learned that there is always 12 hours of night and 12 hours of day at the equator. It is always equal. We were taught that the tropic of cancer has a 90 degree sun angle at the summer solstice and the tropic of capricorn has a 90 degree sun and at the winter solstice.

Why does earth have seasons?

Scientific Answer: After our class lessons where we did multiple examples to help us understand why we have seasons i have learned that it is mainly due to the fact that the earth is tilted 23.5 degrees and it axis of rotation is not perpendicular to the planes of its orbit. this makes the earth point at the sun at different times of the year as it is rotating. When the earth's northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun the temperature is more intense and we call this summer. As it rotates to different positions and not pointing directly at the sun the temperatures get cooler causing us to have our spring, fall and winter.

Pre answer: I think that we have seasons because the earth rotates. As it rotates it is moved to a different location where the weather is different. The location may be facing the sun and it is summer. As it rotates it get farther away from the sun causing different temperatures which is why we have different season. As it gets farther away we have fall, winter and spring. It is the farthest away when it is winter.

Winter- Heat is the least intense.

Summer- the heat is the most intense.

Spring and Autumn- the heat is equal.



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