Why do we remember WWII?

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World War II

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Why do we remember WWII?

Women also contributed in factories. In factories they would make artillery and fill in for men at war who were contributing to fight for the war effort. Had the women not filled in for men, we would have had no soliders at war and have a shortage on artillary. This would have sent us into another depression.

We should remember WWII because women had the chance to step up to society and work in factories and other jobs to support the war effort while men were at war.

Why do we remember WWII?By Quinn Gourdie

Woman working in factories.

Rosie the Riveter was a huge public figure that displayed millions of women across the US. She became a sensation and empowered women to join the US workforce when men were inlisted in war. She gave hope, courage, and bravery to women in factories, jobs, and defense industries.

A few more than 1,100 young women, which were all civilian volunteers, flew almost every and any type of military aircraft. Including the B-26 and B-29 bombers as a part of the WASP program.

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Many females worked in the air force at war in bomber planes. This takes a lot of bravery because so much could have gone wrong in flight. But this was a time for women to show that they had the same stregnths as men. Because people never though women could fly planes because it was a "sterotype" for men to be in war.


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