Why do we dream?

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Why do we dream?


Basics of dreaming



More info:

Here's the catch....

1) Occur when random parts of your brain fire up and have strange impulses2) Usually based off visual, verbal, and emotional stimuli3) Dreams occur during stage 5 (REM sleep) of a sleep cycle

One theory suggests dreaming is your brain's way of sorting through all the information you accumulated throughout a day-it decides what to remember and what to forgetAnother theory says that your brain slows down while sleeping and tries to make connections between things observed that dayA third theory suggests dreams are nothing more than random impulses fired up during REM sleep and thoses impulses trigger thoughts related to your life

Most knowledge based on sleep is THEORYScientists actually know very little about dreams and why we dream

Some theories

How much do they REALLY know?

Remember-none of theses theories are fact, but they are guesses made by very smart people who have jobs studying sleep


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