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Why Do People Migrate Visual Component


The city of Aleppo aftergovernment bombings

Aleppo, Syria during one of the governemnt bombings. Brave men try to clear the rubble to check for and save any survivors of the attack.

Aleppo, Syria before it was damaged by governemnt airstrikes

A street in Aleppo, Syria after the governemnt airstrikes ended. It has been reduced to rubble.

The city of Aleppo duringa governemnt bombing

Aleppo, Syria before the violence began

Syrians in a refugee camp in Turkey. After their long journeys, most of them on foot, these refugees have finally reached their destination and are safe from the political violence in their homeland.

Safety as a refugee

The journey to safety

A family fleeing Syria and traveling to Turkey on foot, is carrying all the possesions that they can bring on this long journey to the safety of Turkey. There are few roads in Syria and those that exist have been damaged by war so, nearly all the people fleeing Syria must make the journey on foot like this family.

The decision to flee and the beggining of the journey

A women and her 2 children begin the big journey from Aleppo, Syria to Turkey as the women flees the city of Aleppo after a government bombing. She knows she and her children cannot live a safe life here while there is so much violence and they must flee the country and go to a place where she and her children can be safe, such as a refugee camp in Turkey.

Why Do People Migrate Visual Component


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