Why do our eyes see different colors?

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Why do our eyes see different colors?

Why do our eyes see different colors?

"The Dress" The Dress is an internet sensation that started on twitter when someone asked "What color is this dress?" People saw white and gold and some people saw black and blue. The real dress is black and blue. We see the different colors because the human eye and brain work together to turn the light into color. So if the lighting is darker the dress will appear black and blue, and if the lighting is brighter the dress will appear white and gold.

Color BlindnessColor blindness is not a form of blindness. This type of vision problem it effects the way you see color. With color blindness you have difficulty distinguishing colors such as red, green, yellow, and blue.

-We only see the reflected light, because the suface of the object absorbs the "invisible" light.-The wavelengths of refelcted light determine what color you see. -Long wavelengths are usually red, and the middle ones are green, and the shorter wavelengths are blue.-Have you ever wondered how we see colors outside of the rainbow like black or turquoise? Well its just multiple rays of light mixed together with distinct wavelength.

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By: Ela Becker & Allysun Gillham

Some animals have better vision than others, just like humans. Dogs, cats, mice, and rabbits have very poor vision, they only see greys, blues, and some yellows. Bees and butterflies can see colors humans can't even see, they have super vision.


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