Why do Bees Buzz

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Why do Bees Buzz

Application : Bees flap their wings when the are near flowers the also flap their wings to fly. Bees live in hives and feed on the nectar that they collect in the summer !

Definition : Bees are brightly colored yellow and black. They are a species of insect and feed their young with a mixture of pollen stored in their nest .

Components / parts : Bees do not have a back bone and their skeleton is on the outside. The middle part is called the thorax . At the end of the bee is their abdomen . Bees have 3 pairs of legs and 2 pairs of wings . The wings of a bee are very thin and you can see right through them. Bees also have a narrow waist and have very hairy body's. Bees have spiracles which help them breathe .

Fun facts - a queen bee bee lays up to 1 egg per minute.-a bee can only sting 1 time - then it will die. -over 50 000 worker bees live in a hive -bees were discoverd by European Americans. They called it the white man fly - a honey bee flaps their wings more than 230 times per second

Sources Name :bees and wasps Author : Sally Morgan and published in 2007Name : Bee Author : Barrie Walts and published in 2004Name :Life and Times of a Honey Bee Author :Charels Micull and published in 1995

Operation : Bees wings vibrate when they go to flowers . Bees live in colonies in bee hives and collect nectar and pollen from flowers . Bees use nectar to make honey. Bees buzz because of the vibration of their wings. They also buzz when they breathe.They use an aggresive buzzing sound when they are being attacked .

Why Do Bees Buzz?


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