Why did Britian Industrialize First?

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Why did Britian Industrialize First?



Focus on Science/Reason


The government supported free-market capitalism. By the 1700/1800s the British Parliment had won much greater independence from the monarchy than any other European Nation at that time. This created a stable government (unlike France, who had a revolution) that encouraged business who wanted to make a profit. It also supported new scientific breakthroughs. Although France had some of the greatest scientific minds of the time, it also had an absolute monarchy (Louis XVI) which controlled and limited political, social, and economic growth.

During the Industrial Revolution, England had the most powerful Navy in the world. Not only did they have a fighting fleet, but also a merchant fleet. This was responsible for ensuring the safety and transport of trade ships between Britian and its numerous colonies throughout Asia, North America, and Africa.These resource-rich colonies supplied Britain with a wealth of raw materials in which Britains powerhouse factories could turn into valuable profits to be sold all around the world via ship. Britain will continue to fund and expand its navy both for fighting in wars and for trading.

Coal was the fuel that jump-started the Industrial Revolution and Great Britan was fortunate enough to have a TON of it that could quickly and easily be mined. Britans mines were also closly located to the sea, which means that ships could cheaply carry coal down the coast to London--where it was needed to power all those factories! The demand for coal led to deeper mines. When dug to deep, these mines would flood. In order to keep minging, it was neccessary to find a way to pump the water out of hte mines. This led to the invention of the steam engine..which ran on coal! So coal mines need the steam engine and steam engines powered by coal


In Britain, over the past 100 years, a ton of new scientific innovations and inventions had happened accross the country. There were so many new scientific and technologyical advancements and ideas. British government and society encouraged both science and technology. Many thinkers, scientists, and inventors wer emeeting all over London to discuss new ideas. They helped each other invent new technology that would help industry, and the economy, grow.



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