Why Cultures Misunderstand Others

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Why Cultures Misunderstand Others

Why do Cultures Misunderstand others?The recent attacks in Paris from ISIS relate to the events with the cartoons and the train incidents. I think ISIS don't understand how to accept France's behaviour so they've attacked them and only now made it worse because some countries and groups have declared war on the Islamic State Group of Terrorists.

Why Cultures Misunderstand Others

Cultural Tensions:Tensions are problems that cultures have to one or another, maybe they don't agree, so they insist on fixing that with violence. In the movie we watched, Not Without my Daughter, cultural tensions were shown. For example when America bombed Iran in the movie that is a very good explanation for Cultural TensionsCultural Stereotypes

ISIS Impact:The impact that ISIS has had on the world is unbelieveable, they beheaded tons upon tons of people, they've declared war won the entire world. It's scary to live in a world when World War III is right arond the corner from us right?

Cultures Misunderstanding Others

About Tensions and Stereotypes

The Impact ISIS has had on the World

Glog by: Zak Wiggans

Social Norms are people expected to be normal to a culture or a place

Cultural Misunderstandings normally occur when an object or a word has a different meaning in two different cultures

Cultural Values are the standards to tell us what is right? what is wrong? what will work? and what won't work?

In My Opinion...(IMO)IMO I think that this whole ISIS crisis has scared me and many people. What they did in Paris was beyond stupid. You don't wipe out 130+ innocent citizens to make a point? It's unbareable to me!


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