Why China Is A Good Trading Partner!

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Why China Is A Good Trading Partner!

Why China Is A Good Trading Partner!

Size: China is 9.597 million km2 big. (The size of Canada is 9.985 million km2 big) Size is relevant to trade because since we are bigger China will import more stuff from us, like wheat, wood pulp, and paper products.

Location: China is located in the Northern hempisphere in the Pacific Ocean. Location is relevant to trade because since China is so far (9,380 km2 far) it takkes longer to import and export. Location is relevant to trade because since China is so far (9,380 km2 far) it takes longer to import and export. Even though China is far we still need stuff from them like electrical machinery.

Population: China has the population of 1,401,586,609 people. This is relevant to trade because since they have a bigger population they will have to import more of one product from us.

Physical Characteristics: China is filled with stuff like mountains, hills, and plateaus. Physical charateristics are relevant to trade because since China is cover with stuff like mountains the wouldn't be able to go many farms and crops. This means that they have to buy that kind of stuff for us.

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We should continue to trade with China because we get most of our stuff from there. If you didn’t know China has the biggest population of people so that means they have a lot more jobs, but get paid a lot less. It is like that because it is cheaper to make items there then most counties, since the items are cheaper the Chinese government doesn’t have enough money to provide for every worker. That is why they get paid less. In 1997, China was Canada’s 4th trading partner. With the total annual merchandise trade of $8.7 billion. Now China is our second biggest trading partner to the U.S.A. Also according to statistics Canada exported $16.3 billon worth of merchaindise to China in 2011, and imported more then $48 millon. Canada mainly expots good to China. FInally, we get oil from China for a cheaper price, give our oil to the U.S.A. for more.

Major Trading Products Imports & Exports:Our main imports from China are eletrical machinary and equipment. Are main exports to China are wood pulp; paper or paper board scraps. This is relevant to trade because we trade China from the stuff we need (e.g electrical machinery and equipment) and give the stuff they need in return. (paper products)

Trade Agreements:- Both countries must pay fair amounts for products on time.-We will get transportation,biotechnolo-gy education, and etc. from China.- China will get natural resources, renewable energy, food and etc. from us. This is relevant to trade because we nee these agree ments to organize and and make our trades easy and fair.

Climate/Weater Patterns:Summers:Hot and dryWinters:Freezing Cold This is relevant to trade because if the weather was completely different, like warm all the time they would be able to grow different kinds of tropical friuts aand stuff like that. But in this case our weather is is almost the same so we don't really have to worry about it.

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