Why Blended Learning

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Why Blended Learning

Hello, my name is Domonique Jackson. I am a first year traditional classroom ELA teacher at Canarelli Middle School in Las Vegas, NV. I am interested in joining your team as a Blended Learning Instructor. Please look around and explore my background and philosophies on Blended Learning. Education: BA English Literature CCSD ARL Graduate Relevant Experience: Graphic Desginer, Digital Umbrella (7yrs) Administrative Assistant, UNLV Distance Education Program (3 yrs) Background: Highly technical, early adopter of new tech Skilled in various softwares across platforms Very comfortable creating custom content


Domonique Jackson,Blended Learning Instructor Candidate

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Why Blended Learning?

Online and Blended Learning ExperienceNot only did I take several online courses during my undergraduate schooling, the majority of course I have taking for continuing education as an adult has been either online or hybrid. I am currently taking a online course on blended learning and the various models. Being a successful Blended Learning TeacherDeep understanding of the models of Blended Learning including Rotation, Flex, A la Carte and Enriched VirtualTimely response to student interactionContinuous assessment and improvement of models and methodologies used Ability to feel comfortable in a less structured environment with diverse activityCurator and/or creator of curriculum and course contentTeacher Expectations for Student SuccessThe ability to make data driven decisions based on real time data including intervention and/or remediationThe ability to fit multiple roles in the blended learning environment to help studentsFeeling comfortable in an ever-changing technologal landscape


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