Why be corrupted with swearing?

by doni99
Last updated 7 years ago

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  • doni99 7 years ago

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    Swearing only causes greif to your life. Why do it? Think wisely and you will never go wrong. May this be a massive infulance to all the people who see this glog! You don't need to be a nerd to be good, you can still be a cool person who doesn't swear! :)
    ~ Doni123

  • TuckerDavis64 7 years ago

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    thx for the comment. pokemon rocks! i also love lol cats and troll faces!

  • doni99 7 years ago

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    Thanks, i love LOL cats too! ;)
    LOL troll faces. those sound epic, gonna search dat up!

  • doni99 7 years ago

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    Your Rating For This Glog will determine if you agree or disagree with swearing! ===>
    * 1/5: You disagree that swearing is bad but think this glog is really poor!
    *2/5: You disagree because you think swearing is not too bad and the glog is nothing special.
    * 3/5: You disagree/agree at the same time and you think the glog has a fair layout.
    * 4/5: You agree that swearing is bad and thinks this glog is cool.
    * 5/5: You agree that swearing is bad and think this glog is awesome! :)

  • doni99 6 years ago

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    Swearing is bad, though many think it ain't. It IS very bad in actual fact. Those who swear only open up problems and sorrow to their life so watch out people, choose your words carefully and live a pleasant life without disturbing words that can kill your mind and others!

  • marielala 6 years ago

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    Swearing is obviously language that reflects poorly on a person's character when used without necessity, but swearing can often be ok or even beneficial. People who are in a stressful or painful situation often swear because the taboo of it raises adrenaline heights momentarily and can allow people to better deal with the pain (e.g. women in childbirth). Remember also, swear words are just that.. words. Though they are often crude, it is the way people use them and the situation they use them in that reflect on people's characters. Bt dubbs, love your glog design!!

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