Why be a Vet?

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Why be a Vet?

Furry Friends!

Moos and Medication

Why should I become a Veterinarian?

Crazy adventures!

Exotic Veterinarian: You could be the Head Zoo Vet, an Orphan Animal Trainer, you could be travling to far away countries to research the animals and lend your helping hand! the options af an exotic Veterinarian are endless! A high-adventure life style with suprises around every corner!

Livestock Veterinarian:This type of veterinarian deals with any and all farm animals. sheep, cattle, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, lammas, you name it! (Horses are a whole differet story!) This job is very inmportant to our communities and our world. Not only are you helping our country's farmers with thier livestock, you're also helping the food industry of America. This way animals can be taken care of and meet all health requirements before slaughter. Animals are cured long-term and short-term and America is fed safely!

Domestic Veterinarian:This type of veterinarian deals with mostly dog and cat breeds. Most vets own or work in a privatley owned clinic where clients can make a long-term relationship with you. This job spreads so much happiness! The thankful pet owners, the pets themselves, and you! You are trained on care and medication of eight different animals species, but as stated, mostly much-loved family dogs and cats.

Average Salary:$86,640

Always remember: The most important part of becoming a Vet is the care and love of animals and the enjoyment of science. Not the pay that you recieve. DO what you love, and love what you do.



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