Who's Henry Hudson?

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Who's Henry Hudson?

Between 1565-1570 - what sources said the year he was born in.Late 1500's - he got married and had three sons1607 - he made his first journey but failed1608 - he made his second journey but sailed back home because they couldn't get through the thick ice1609 - his third journey he sailed west and sailed past New York and he made landfall in Nova Scotia, Canada1610 - sailed through the strait and large bay that is now known as the Hudson Bay1611 - his last journey through Canada and his crew turned against him and left him to die


Henry Hudson was an explorer who found and sailed through the river that became known as the Hudson River, a large bay that later became the Hudson's Bay, and a strait that was later named the Hudson Strait, and . He helped the world understand more about Earth's geography, and he is remembered as one of the great explorers.

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Hudson spent many years at sea as a cabin boy and gradually worked his way up to ship's captain. His first two years he commanded the same ship called Hopewell, and on his third voyage he commanded a shop called Half Moon. His last voyage before he died he commanded the ship called Discovery. He failed on his first two journeys but that didn't stop him and ended discovering straits and passageways which would be later named after him which are the Hudson's Strait, the Hudson River and the Hudson Bay.


Sources have identified Henry Hudson as having been born in about 1565 to around 1570. In the late 1500's he got married to Katherine and had three sons, named John, Richard and Oliver. In 1607 he made his first voyage and he was commisioned by the Muscovy Company to find a faster trade route from Europe to Asia, but his mission was a failure because the route to Asia was blocked by the great barrier reef. In 1607-08 he made his second voyage, but this time he took the northeast passage way over Russia. Unfortunately, his journey was stopped when he came into thick ice and had to sail back home. In 1609 he made his third journey and this time he was working for the East India Company. When he couldn't get through the ice for a third time he decided to sail west. Later in the same year he sailed past New York and sailed into the river that would be later called the Hudson River. The following year he sailed through the strait and into a large bay around Canada which later became known as Hudson's Bay. Around April of 1610 he set sail on a ship called Discovery, and discovered a strait in the ocean that led them through the northern waters over Canada, which was later named the Hudson Strait. When they became trapped in America in 1611, Henry's crew turned against him, and left him behind in a small boat, where he later died.

Henry Hudson


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