Whooping Crane

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Whooping Crane

Whooping CraneGrus Americana

The whooping crane is currently an endangered species. They went from a population of about 15 in the 1940s to a current population of about 600. This growth was mainly because of conservationists. Several wildlife groups have been helping whooping cranes, and raising some in captivity.

Whooping crane's are omnivores and consumers that eat shellfish, insects, fish, frogs, and plants.

The whooping crane is the tallest bird in North America. They have white bodies, black wingtips, red forehead, and long legs. Whooping cranes lay eggs, and have about 2 eggs in each nest.

The whooping crane migrates up to northwest Canada in the summer where they lay eggs. They then migrate down to Texas for the winter. Some whooping cranes don't migrate at all, and live in Florida year round.

The reason that the whooping crane became endangered was because it was once hunted for its meat and its feathers.

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