[2014] effie martin: whoopi goldberg

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[2014] effie martin: whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg was an africa american, and born November 31, 1955. Her father Robert was a minister and her mother Emma was a house wife. Whoopi got married 1973. Whoopi married a man named Alvin Martin and had a girl named Alexandra. Whoopi was in a movie called, ''The Spook Show'' in 1983. On August 2007 Whoopi became a talk show co-host when she joined ABC. As you can see Whoopi has been in the Muppets movie and on Sesame Street.

Facts about Whoopi Goldberg Whoopi stared in many movies, Jumpin Jack flash in 1986, Sister Act in 1992, and her daughter was in Sister Act 2 with her. Also all together Whoopi stared in 8 movies.Did you know that Whoopi has 2 grandchildren. Whoopi was married 3 times and on her 3 marrage she had a girl. Whoopi lives in Calirornia or sometimes in Maui.

Whoopi Goldberg

Did you know that Wwoopi also did coedy. She is and was a 3 time worker as an actor, doing comedy, and on a childens show.


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