Who Were the Nazis

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Who Were the Nazis

The Nazis were a group of terrorists in Germany, and than became a whole army. It was organized and made by Adolf Hitler. There goal was to slaughter all jews. This lead to World War II.

Who Were The Nazis???

The Nazis showed no mercy. For example, they just went up and captured Jews and shot them. Didn’t matter how they looked or what they did. If they were Jewish, than they didn’t belong. Doesn’t sound like any mercy was given. Another example is killing the Jews. They decided it was to hard to kill every Jew. So what brilliant ideas does Hitler have? Oh! Lets load in trains that a secretly gas chambers, than, fill it with toxic gas and have them all die! A slow, brutal, painful death! If you had any ideas that Hitler had an once of good an him, think again. Another example was in the book, “The Nazi Hunters,” 1 Nazi sent a load of Jewish into a place. There was a pot of soup there and they were very hungry. They were told to line up, and 1 by 1, they were shot in front of the soup pot. Once again, not very merciful. NO MERCY!

The Nazis were horrible people. For example, they were slaughtering millions of Jews. Hitler basically looked at someone and thought: “I don’t like your kind. I shall kill you all.” Just based on that we already know he was over the top mental. Anyway, these people were horrible! At that point in time, Germany wasn’t doing so well. Everybody needed a leader to follow. So Hitler, with this great idea of killing Jews, took this opportunity. He became a leader and organized the Nazi Party. There were several of these. There point was to invite people to join them through a party. A lot of people like celebrities right? You could conceder someone like the president of these people right. People looked at Adolf Hitler that way and of course they wanted to meet him, and even better, a party to! So many people joined that everybody was almost required in the county to join the Nazis. If they didn’t, it could cost them their life. Totally makes them sound like better people, right?

This Glog is off a book called "The Nazi Hunters." Its mostly about tracking the most succsesful Nazi. And no it wasnt Adolf Hitler. It Was Adolf Eichmann, killing over 6 million Jews. The group of agents that captured him. What was the reason they wanted him? They wanted him so they could have him punished for killing there families, for destroying there lives, for destroying the world. But they also wanted him for this reason: To bring Eichmann to justice. To show the world of his crimes and to say that this should never happen again. Everyone should know of this part in the past. It should not be forgoten. I totaly agree with them. Its a very good thing they let the mission go before there anger. Other wise i think they would of strangled Eichmann.

Adolf Eichmann ^

The Nazi Symbol ^

Agents Capture Eichmann! On Sunday, May 22, the group of agents landed Israeli soil. They had successfully completed their mission. They now had Eichmann completely. He was put into a jail cell after having 2 people identify him as Adolf Eichmann. On May 23, Eichmann walked into the court building. His trail went on for days. After his very long trail, he was found guilty. He was sentenced to death. On May 30, Eichmann was told that he was to be hanged at midnight. And he was. Adolf Eichmann’s last words were: “Gentleman, we shall meet again soon, so is the fate of all men. I have believed in God all my life, and I die believing in God.” Interesting, don’t think god would of approved in what he did. They may meet again in the after life, but, maybe not. The things he did should get him in a separate chamber in any were he goes. But there's Eichmann for you. More than a jerk in more things than the world needed.

I found it very interesting that when the agents captured Eichmann, that Eichmann acted like he knew this was going to happen. Almost like he was prepared for it. The most notorious Nazi almost let them take him. The Nazi at a time was the most powerful 1, was reduced to a very poor man. Who would of thought? I don’t understand that he didn’t accept the bribes he was offered as well as money. Anyway, after they captured him and put him in a car, he obeyed them completely. He did the same thing when they when they brought him into the safe house, he listened to them completely. He even said to them he that he know that as soon as they said something to him, to distract him, he knew who they were. Very interesting factor indeed. Another example is when he was going to be hanged. He was fine with them. Like, hello? I would be flipping out knowing these things.

Map of the land the Nazis controlled

Adolf Hitler


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