Who was King Tut

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Who was King Tut

Who was King Tut? by Roberta Edwards

I liked this book because I wanted to learn about one of the best known pharoahs of the world.

King Tut was a boy when he ruled Egypt.He only appeared at important ceremonies and holidays. He started ruling at age 9 and died at age 19. He went through a religious change when he was a little boy. A brief overview is King Tut was born then he died. He stayed undiscovered in his tomb for 3,000 years until Howard Carter found him.


The genre of this book is biography. The main characters are King Tut, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon.

If you want to learn about a pharoah from Ancient Egypt then this is the book for you.

The setting is in Egypt. It is the year 1343 b.c. In 1922 Howard Carter discoverd King Tut.


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