Who Was Jackie Robinson?

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Who Was Jackie Robinson?

Who Was Jackie RobinsonBy: Gail Herman

I recommend this book because it tells how Jackie showed strength and determination when others were against him. It reminds me that I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it.

Genre: BiographySetting: Jackie's home and baseball fields.Characters: Jackie, his family, his wife, his baseball manager, and his teammates

Events:-January 31, 1919 - Born in Cairo, Georgia.-1920 - Moved to Pasadena, California (16 months old). -1939 - Attended UCLA. Played four sports.-1942 - Drafted into the U.S. Army.-1945 - 1947 - Played in the Negro League.-1946 - Married Rachel.-1947 - 1957 - Played for the Dodgers.-October 24, 1972 - Jackie died.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 23, 1962

Known for stealing home 19 times!

First black player in Major League Baseball!


Theme: Jackie overcame many people treating him cruelly because he was black. He was able to work hard and have a successful professional baseball career.


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